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Expats' Guide to Property Investment in Saigon

Vietnam has exponentially grown over the past decade, with an average of more than seven percent annual GDP growth in the 90s. The country is currently one of Asia’s most promising markets as it opens its doors to foreign investors. With its continuous economic rise, Vietnam’[...]

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Best Districts to Invest Property in Saigon

Overview of Vietnam’s 2017 Economy Having a GDP growth rate of 6.81 percent, which exceeds government’s target of 6.7 percent, Vietnam is indeed the most economically successful country since year 2008. Statistics have also shown the colorful economic records of 2017, which depicts [...]

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6 Reasons for Expats to Move in Saigon

Over the past decade, Ho Chi Minh City, or popularly known as Saigon among locals, has become a more popular dwelling place for people looking to live outside their home countries. Saigon becoming a favorite living destination among expats is not an event of chance or coincidence. According to [...]

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5 Best District in Ho Chi Minh City for Property Investment

Buying property in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s fastest growing city, has been a trend among local and foreign investors. Prime spots in Saigon such as the busy urban districts have been the focus of residential and commercial developments in the past few years. What makes property investment [...]

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The Best Saigon Districts for Expats

Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, is one of the fastest growing cities in Southeast Asia due to the interest in local and foreign investments in commercial, industrial, and residential development. It’s no wonder that a lot of foreigners want to settle in Saigon. Not [...]

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10 Best Serviced Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

Living in one of Southeast Asia’s fastest developing cities is a dream-come-true for most families who love the sunny weather of Vietnam and the breathtaking riverside views of the Saigon River. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is not only a city full of [...]

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